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Windows server patching - How does it work?

Patch management is an integral part of systems management that includes testing and installing multiple patches to an administered computer system. This management software keeps enterprises better protected by automating the delivery of operating systems and application updates.

Aug 26, 2019

How to install and use windows update offline

The good thing is you can actually download Windows updates for offline installs on as many systems as you want. So, if you ever need to, here is how you can download, install and update Windows without an active Internet connection.

Aug 23, 2019

The 5 best WSUS alternatives

Windows Server Update Services, also known as WSUS, is an integral component of Windows Server. It enables administrators to manage the distribution of updates, hotfixes, and patches released for Microsoft products.

Aug 03, 2019

WuInstall - install Windows Updates on demand

Over the past few decades, a lot of specialized programs and apps have been developed to aid in all types of activities. As they are improved over time, users have to make sure updates are installed when available in order to gain access to new features, potential fixes for bugs etc.

Sep 26, 2018