Script your Windows Patches

Get full control over your update process

With WuInstall, you can update your systems from command line and patch using your own scripts, whenever you like with lots of options for experienced system administrators.


Manage Windows Updates

WuInstall is a command line tool that makes it possible to install Windows Updates on demand. This gives you full control over the patching process. You decide what patches should be applied when and on which machine.


Depending on the System configuration it uses either the internal WSUS server or the external Microsoft Update Server to look for available updates. Afterwards, those can be downloaded and installed.


WuInstall was first released in 2009 and today it is used by ten thousand companies all over the world; amongst them are a lot of big enterprises across all industries and public institutions.

Integration and Flexibility

WuInstall is a command line tool and can therefore be used in combination with any other tool like SCCM and integrated in the workflow. For example, it can be run in a shutdown script to install updates when users do not need the machine.


You decide when to look for updates and if you want to download and install them. Product names and regular expression can be used to find specific patches. You can even download anc cache updates and install them later offline later.

With or without WSUS

WuInstall works seamlessly with WSUS - however, If you want to check for the availability of a certain patch, which has not yet been downloaded to your WSUS server, it comes in handy to be able with WuInstall to temporarily bypass WSUS.

Login or shutdown script

With WuInstall updates will be installed whenever a shutdown is initiated, therefore users are not disturbed anymore by annoying reboot requests during work.


Information and documentation

The installation progress can be displayed and time limits for the installation of the updates can be set. In addition to it, log files for all processes are available.


WuInstall is able to install all available windows updates until a reboot is necessary and continues with the installation afterwards -> automated reboots during windows updates.

... use it as a standalone tool or in combination with WSUS or other system management tools.

... manage a small network with 10 machines as well as huge network with thousands of clients or servers.

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