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WuInstall is compatible with all Windows Versions and optimized for Windows 7, 8, 10 / Server 2008, 2012, 2016


WuInstall 2.5.7 (Spring 2018-Edition) - May 16 2018

- added reboot count and datetime to logfile and xml
- use $RCC$ to include reboot count
- use $DATETIME$ to include datetime
- various stability improvements

WuInstall 2.5.6 (Carnival 2018-Edition) - February 01 2018

- new option:
- /smtpSendOnLastRebootCycleOnly: Set this switch to send emails only on last wuinstall run when /rebootcycle is used
- fixed a bug with /rebootcycle
- some improvements to xmlout

WuInstall 2.5.5 (Halloween 2017-Edition) - November 03 2017

- various stability improvements
- new options:
- /ignore_unknown_options: if set all unknown options or option typos are ignored
- /queryhistory: logs the Windows Update Queryhistory into the xml file
- improved xml-logging

WuInstall 2.5.4 (golden lamb) - August 21 2017

- various stability improvements
- new option: /extended_error
- this options maps the extended result to a bitmap which is the new return code from wuinstall
- bitmap:

WuInstall 2.5.2 (iTuuube-Edition) - November 28 2016

- fixed major bug for older windows versions (windows server 2003, windows xp)
- fixed error message on reboot, which occurred always

WuInstall 2.5.1 (Stereo-Edition) - November 11 2016

- various stability improvements
- added SSL/TLS support for sending emails
- added protocol and port to smtp server option: /smtpServer protocol://hostname:port with following protocols
- smtp, simple smtp
- smtps, smtp with ssl
- smtpTLS, smtp with tls

WuInstall 2.5.0 (White Horse) - October 18 2016

- fixed issues with windows 10 feature update installation
- fixed a bug with displayed update size
- fixed bug with download progress
- fixed bug with shutdown/reboot error messages

WuInstall 2.4.9 (Grannys 90th) - September 12 2016

- various stability improvements
- fixed bug with extended results
- improved shutdown with installation for Windows newer than Vista
- updated documentation

WuInstall 2.4.8 (EM 2016) - July 04 2016

- new options:
- /retrycount: specifies the number of retry attemts on search failure
- /use_wu_on_error: when an error occurs trying to install a update using WSUS, WuInstall automatically tries again to install the updates bypassing the WSUS and using windows update (system updates only)
- various stability improvements

WuInstall 2.4.7 (Spring 2016) - May 23 2016

- new options:
- /reboot_message: displays the given message in the reboot dialog
- /shutdown_message: displays the given message in the shutdown dialog

WuInstall 2.4.6 (Overclock-Edition) - February 19 2016

- fixed issue with /rebootcycle
- added extenden results:
- extended option /releasedate:
- /releasedate +#days: filters all updates with release date before today - #day
- added options for sending emails after wuinstall has finished (BETA!!! - can change in future versions)
- /smtpServer servername, this option has to be set to send emails
- /smtpUser username
- /smtpPassword password
- /smtpSubject subject (default value: "Wuinstall Notification ($hostname$)")
- /smtpFrom from (default value: "noreply@wuinstall.com")
- /smtpTo to (default value: "diagnose@wuinstall.com")
- if /logfile, /logfile_append is specified in addition to /smtpServer, the logfile will be attached to the email
- if /xmlout is specified in addition to /smtpServer, the xmlfile will be attached to the email
- all commands can be used case insensitive now

WuInstall 2.4.5 (Progress-Edition) - January 26 2016

- fixed issues with /show_progress
- added cve-codes from updates to xml
- fixed issues with utf-8 and ansi /logfile and /logfile_append
- fixed bug with /maxupdatecount
- fixed bug with /info

WuInstall 2.4.4 (Welcome 2016) - January 12 2016

- fixed some issues with console output
- added update size to list of found updates
- added hostname to console output

WuInstall 2.4.3 (Advent 2015-Edition) - December 11 2015

- new option /logfile_remote
- new option /logfileappend_remote
- fixed some issues with /remote regarding other options (/logfile, /logfileappend, /maxruntime, /info)

WuInstall 2.4.2 (Krampus-Edition) - November 23 2015

- new option /info
- new option /updateSize
- new option /maxTotalSize
- various stability improvements

WuInstall 2.4.1 (Thermoprint-Edition) - November 10 2015

- fixed bugs with /options:
- trimming arguments
- fixed issues with backslash in arguments
- now showing correct administrator/normal user status, also on older systems (xp/win server 2003)

WuInstall 2.4.0 (Hillclimb-Edition) - August 24 2015

- added new option /checkAvailableDiskSpace
- fixed bug with usage dialog in AMD64 edition

WuInstall 2.3.9 (No rain ath the moment-Edition) - June 18 2015

- stability improvements
- fixed some minor issues

WuInstall 2.3.8 (Once again Raining-Edition) - May 22 2015

- fixed bug with option /download_cache and /download_to if an update has already been downloaded
- improved errorhandling and logging

WuInstall 2.3.7 (Still Raining-Edition) - April 30 2015

- fixed typo for option /disableprompt
- fixed typo on help.wuinstall.com

WuInstall 2.3.6 (Rainy Day-Edition) - April 24 2015

- improved error messages on installation failure
- added logging to display if WuInstall is running as administrator or as normal user

WuInstall 2.3.5 (Spring 2015-Edition) - April 16 2015

- fixed bug with /releasedate, this option didn't work properly

WuInstall 2.3.4 (Easter 2015-Edition) - March 27 2015

- fixed bug "Operation Result != Successfull" with /download and /install if all updates have already been downloaded
- added return code 15 to documentation - REBOOTCYCLE_SUCCESSFULL
- added return code 16 - REBOOTCYCLE_FAILED

WuInstall 2.3.3 (Villacher Carneval-Edition) - February 10 2015

- fixed bug with rcc
- fixed bug with options which were specified multiple times
- if the action before does not return 0 (fails), the WuInstall execution will be stoped now
- added output if actions before/after fail

WuInstall 2.3.2 (February-Edition) - February 02 2015

- fixed issue with proxy

WuInstall 2.3.1 (Santa-Edition) - December 19 2014

- new option /customActionBefore
- new option /customActionAfter

WuInstall 2.3.0 (Christmas-2014-Edition) - December 18 2014

- fixed return code bug with search and filtering

WuInstall 2.2.4 (Advent-Edition) - December 12 2014

- new option /maxUpdateCount
- logfile is readable while it is written


With WuInstall you decide when to look for updates and if you would like to install them now or later.

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With WuInstall no reboots during work will bother you anymore because you are in full control.

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With WuInstall you will be independent and no longer at the mercy of the Microsoft Patch Day.

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The installation process can be displayed and log files for all processes are available.

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WuInstall - Manage Windows Updates

WuInstall is a command line tool that makes it possible to install Windows Updates on demand. This gives you full control over the patching process. You decide what patches should be applied when and on which machine.

Depending on the System configuration it uses either the internal WSUS server or the external Microsoft Update Server to look for available updates. Afterwards those can be downloaded and installed.

WuInstall was first released in 2009 and today it is used by ten thousands companies all over the world; amongst them are a lot of big enterprises across all industries and public institutions.

Clients about WuInstall

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Testimonial 3

Many thanks for that – great product!

Testimonial 4

This software is a great tool, and it's command-line based, which I still like best for having some degree of 'control'.

Testimonial 5

Thank you for the updated version of WuInstall Pro. WuInstall is working extremely well for us.

Testimonial 6

Thank you for supporting such an outstanding product!

Testimonil 7

My operations group is looking to automate the WSUS update process and your software is their primary choice.

Testimonial 8

Have been using WuInstall for some time and we have bought the site licence twice now.

Testimonial 9

Often there are a lot of patches already released at the WSUS but not yet installed on the clients. If a security issue arises, only one patch has to be deployed instantly to solve this problem. Until yet we had only the possibility to deploy all released patches or none.

Testimonial 1

We are an NGO trying to train youth in a Zanzibar, a very undeveloped country. Our bandwidth constraints are considerable so I love the cache idea to allow me to distribute updates in my computer lab.

Testimonial 2

It'll keep installing updates and rebooting over and over until all updates are installed. This has been very useful for newly installed Windows XP and Windows 7 computers. I know I could probably setup some slipstream install, but that's more effort than I want to deal with, plus there are too many OEM installs to make that work out for us.

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