Windows October Update: How WuInstall could have saved your documents

Oct 31, 2018

Just when everyone got excited about the new Windows October Update, Users were shocked when they realized that the Update deleted their Documents folder. After stopping the rollout of the update, Windows now has a new update which again causes problems. As soon as downloads of the new Windows October Update 2018 started, clients reported problems with missing files or missing folders. It wasn’t until a few days later that Windows stopped the update and deleted it from its website.

How could WuInstall have prevented this from happening? Simple. WuInstall gives you full control over what updates you want to install. If you decided to download the update as soon as it was released, WuInstall also couldn’t have foreseen this major problem but since Windows installs their updates automatically, WuInstall at least would have given you the opportunity to decide. 


Now Windows released another ‘fixed’ Update Version, but again Users are complaining about a lot of things that go wrong.  Some problems may be small like missing bookmarks in browsers, but on a small percentage of updated computers, the bluescreen appeared, meaning, the computer didn’t work at all. A small percentage sounds like not much but a small percentage of Windows Users is still a pretty big number.




With a simple script, WuInstall lets you choose if you want to bypass a certain update, making sure that no client can accidentally start the update. With this solution, not a single computer would have been touched by the update. 


As we all know Windows schedules their updates as they want to and the only way to stop them from installing malfunctioning updates is to either completely turn off automatic updates, which will probably lead to not getting any updates installed anymore, or to buy WuInstall and manage them, have a nice overview of what was installed, what is still depending and to just have control over the uncontrollable functions of Windows Updates. 

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