Reboot / Shutdown Options

/reboot [nseconds]

This option initiates a system reboot with a delay of the specified number of seconds (nseconds) after the execution of WuInstall.

If no time is specified, 10 seconds are used by default.

At the start of the WuInstall execution, the message

/reboot specified, system reboots after WuInstall with 10 seconds delay

is displayed. WuInstall is executed according to the specified parameters (also, just WuInstall /reboot alone is possible), and after the execution of WuInstall, the message

Rebooting after 10 seconds ...

is displayed. WuInstall exits with return code 5 and the system will reboot after the specified delay in ANY CASE, regardless of the outcome of WuInstal

If initiating the reboot fails for some reason, an error code like this is displayed

Reboot failed, Error Code: 1271

and WuInstall exits with code 6.

/reboot_if_needed [nseconds]

Does exactly the same as /reboot, the only difference is, that a reboot is triggered only when a reboot is required (when it exits with a return code 1 or 11).

If a reboot is needed, the /reboot_if_needed options generates the output

reboot_if_needed specified, rebooting

If no reboot is needed, WuInstall puts:

no reboot needed, so system will not reboot ...

/rebootcycle [ntimes]

With the /rebootcycle option it is possible to install updates with several reboots in between.

After a successful update and reboot, WuInstall starts and executes the previous command again. If the option is set WuInstall prints:

/rebootcycle specified, going to run this wuinstall command at most x times again at startup if reboot is triggered

You can use this feature together with the options /reboot and /reboot_if_needed. If none is specified, /reboot_if_needed is taken as default setting. You are also able to set the maximum amount of reboot cycles (ntimes), for example

wuInstall /install /reboot_if_needed /rebootcycle 4

The default value of maximum reboot cycles, if nothing for ntimes is specified, is 3. WuInstall uses the Windows Task Scheduler for executing commands before the user login.

/reboot_force [nseconds]

Forces a reboot after executing WuInstall after nseconds (or default 10) seconds, it does not matter if a reboot is needed or not. Open programs are forced to be closed.

/reboot_if_needed_force [nseconds]

This option is a combination of the options   /reboot_if_needed  and /reboot_force

/shutdown [nseconds]

/shutdown is similar to /reboot, but instead of rebooting the system, it shuts down. The default number of the delay seconds is 10, and the shutdown is done in ANY CASE, regardless the result of WuInstall.

At the beginning of WuInstall it is displayed:

/shutdown specified, system system shuts after WuInstall with 10 seconds delay

And when WuInstall has finished:

Shutdown after 10 seconds ...

If the shutdown was initiated successfully, WuInstall exits with code 5, otherwise it displays an error code and exits with code 6.

/reboot_message [message]

Displays the given message in the reboot dialog.

Use this option to show a custom message, the default message is "WuInstall reboot".

/shutdown_message [message]

Displays the given message in the reboot dialog.

Use this option to show a custom message, the default message is "WuInstall shutdown".